A little whale done up by Alii for DesertWhale


Digital Artist | Graphic Designer | Streamer


Take a look at some of the packages on offer, and be sure to read the policy if you're seeking a commission.

Reactive Images

For PNGTubers! Set up these reactive images to respond to your voice input.


  • Reactive Images for PNGTubers!
  • 4 Images for $60
  • Includes 2 Revisions. *PNG Files


A spread of emotes done for Kamizard on Twitch

Regular $25ea | Animated $50ea

  • Custom Emotes for your Stream!
  • $15 for seasonal/holiday modifications.
  • Includes 2 Revisions. *PNG Files

Profile Picture / Portrait / Illustration

A cute little skeletal t-rex for Tbone

S $35 | M $60 | L $100 - $120

  • 500x500, 800x800 & 1920x1080 respectively
  • Visual references are required for portraits.
  • Includes 1 custom Illustration, 2 Revisions
  • *PNG files

Album Covers

An album cover for Easter x Pluto


  • Visual references are appreciated.


Unbound Icon/Logo for their WorldAnvil site

$75 - $300

  • *With Commercial Rights.
  • *Price determined by complexity.
  • Includes 1 custom Logo. 2 Revisions.

Subscriber & Bit Badges

An assortment of sombreros for subscriber badges!

1x $15-25 || 3x $50 || 6x $100

    Unique Styles $25/ea

  • Each badge is different from the last with changes in line art or completely new images.
  • Recolor Style $15/ea

  • Badges vary in appearance with color changes, but the line art remains the same.
  • Includes 3 sizes for Twitch (72px, 36px, 18px)

Basic Scenes, Overlays or Banners

Custom scenes, overlays or banners in the theme of your choice

$30 Each

  • *Starting Soon, Be Right Back/Intermission, Just Chatting, Stream Ending, Offline, etc
  • Includes PNG Files: (1920x1080 Other resolutions must be discussed prior to ordering)

Illustrated Scene

A starting soon scene featuring the pokemon blastoise and gengar

$60 - $150 / Scene

  • *Scenes are hand-drawn and can include characters, background, and other misc. objects.
  • Prices will vary based on complexity and level of detail.
  • Includes PNG Files(1920x1080) Other resolutions must be discussed prior to ordering.

Basic & Illustrated Panels

Panels and more for DillThrills
  • Basic Panels*
  • $20ea or Same-Style set of 5 for $50
  • *Only change Text/Color
  • Mascots/Logos can be added
  • PNG file, 320x100px
  • Illustrated Panels
  • $40ea
  • Hand Drawn
  • PNG File, 1920x1080px or size of choice

Decorative Stream Schedule

Wonderfully colourful stream schedules in a variety of styles


  • *Can be designed for other purposes as well.
  • Dimensions: (2050x780)

Poster or Graphic

Needs Image


  • Includes: 2 Revisions.
  • PNG Files: (1920x1080) or requested size.